Custom Web Application Pricing

The cost of the solution follows standards based on the number of hours and working experience and the number of lines of codes and the evaluation of ideas needed to reach the best performance and design
The following table shows the costs based on the work plan table.

Here are how we price custom web-applications with clients. we competitive prices.

Timeline example
Timeline example

SEO Pricing

WBS (work break-down structure) make the analysis clean and robust when comes to phases. Working Agile SCRUM helps get to the target fast.
Analysis contains modules, features and duration.

First quarter is a bit of a bulk, after getting the market analysis and valuable keywords we customize SEOP (SEO Plan) for you.

Social-Media Marketing Pricing

First quarter is a bit of a bulk , after getting the market analysis and responses we customize DMP (Digital Market Plan) for you.

Branding & CI Pricing

The Full Branding & C, will cost you a little bit to get a complete digital presence.
You always get unique and creative designs for the following items:

  • Facebook cover image.
  • Logo Text and icon.
  • 2 Roll-ups.
  • 3 Giveaways.
  • Letterheads.
  • Business cards.
  • 5 Email signatures.
  • A4 Envelops.
  • Block-note.
  • Paper bag.
  • Background.